True North Photo Journal is Canada’s only national documentary photography publication. We bring you 13 exclusive Canadian stories a year online and in print – featuring photographers from every province and territory. 

We believe photo stories can tell us a lot about our country: what makes us unique and what unites us. Guided by principles of integrity, compassion and curiosity, True North works with photographers who take an in-depth and nuanced approach to their storytelling.

True North Photo Journal has worked with more than 60 Canadian photographers over the years. As we continue to publish work from every province and territory, True North remains committed to working with Canada’s most thought-provoking storytellers from diverse backgrounds.

True North is dedicated to promoting gender equality and strives for 50 per cent of its contributors to be women or non-binary.

True North Photo Journal publishes a new story online every month. Our photo book, which includes stories from every province and territory, is published once a year.

How can you help?
We believe that those who cannot afford subscriptions should not be prevented from viewing True North’s content. As such there will never be a paywall for our website.

However, in order to pay our photographers, True North Photo Journal depends on subscriptions from the general public made through Patreon. With your help, our goal is to tell diverse stories that reflect the humanistic values TNPJ believes in.

For as little as $1 you can help directly support the creation of pan-Canadian stories.

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