Starting September 1, True North Photo Journal will be publishing 13 exclusive stories a year, one from each province and territory.

​True North Photo Journal was founded in 2017 to give a voice to photographers who want to challenge people to think differently about the world we live in. In contrast to media outlets that are clamouring unsuccessfully to be the first to break a story, True North encourages photographers to take a more in-depth and nuanced approach to their storytelling. The publication’s motto is “better, not breaking”.

Since February 2017 True North Photo Journal has provided a platform for more than 60 Canadian photographers who are committed to telling visually-based stories guided by principles of integrity, diversity, and compassion. Moving forward True North remains committed to working with some of the most thoughtful and compelling visual storytellers in the country. In 2019 we announced the creation of a six-member editorial board to help photographers craft their stories for publication.

Every month True North Photo Journal will publish one exclusive photo essay. TNPJ will also continue to showcase the best in Canadian photojournalism and documentary photography on a regular basis.

How can you help?
In order to pay for the work of our photographers, True North Photo Journal depends on subscriptions from the general public made through Patreon. With your help, our goal is to tell diverse stories that reflect the humanistic values TNPJ believes in.

We believe that those who cannot afford subscriptions should not be prevented from viewing True North’s content. As such there will never be a paywall for this site. However, for as little as $1 you can help directly support the creation of pan-Canadian stories.