True North Photo Journal Vol. II (pre-order)

True North Photo Journal Vol. II is a 130-page linen softcover book featuring the work of 13 Canadian documentary photographers – one from every province and territory.

Books will be printed at the end of 2021 and will be delivered shortly thereafter. (Limited edition hardcover available through Patreon)



True North Photo Journal Vol. II is an anthology featuring the stories of 13 Canadian photographers from each province and territory.

The diverse subjects and aesthetics of their photo essays are as vast as Canada itself. From aspiring young hunters in Nunavut, to women fighting for equality in the workforce in Newfoundland, and an intimate and sprawling portrait of LGBTQIA2S+ life in rural Quebec, the books paints a picture inspired by integrity, compassion and curiosity.

“They are more than photographers, they are teachers, documentarians, artists, journalists and translators. Their thoughtful images make sense of the senseless, speak for the unspoken, discover the lost and teach us all something about humanity, both stranger and neighbour,” wrote Moe Doiron, former director of photography for The Globe and Mail, in the first volume’s foreword. The follow-up to the first edition is no different.

So far the names of half the contributors have been announced including: Vanessa Tignanelli, Chris Donovan, Lisa Milosavljevic, Weronika Murray and Simon Edmond. The remaining photographers will be revealed in the lead up to the publication of Volume II at the end of 2021. At least half the photographers will be women or non-binary.

The books are printed on high quality 150gsm coated paper. The sleek linen covers are adorned with embossed red and black foil stamping on the spine and front covers.

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Dimensions 28 × 22 × 3 cm
Written By
Cody Punter

Cody Punter

Cody Punter is a Canadian photojournalist who has been living and working in Yellowknife for the past four years. In 2015 he spent two months following the migrant route across nine countries in Europe. Cody's work has appeared in The Independent, The Toronto Star, CBC, VICE, Toronto Life, iPolitics, Readers Digest, Up Here Magazine among others. He is also the founder of True North Photo Journal.